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Apps That Turn Photos Into Drawings: 6 Best iPhone Photo Sketch Apps

But, like all the countless others apps, I was cornered into writing this review in order to gain access to the apps more desirable features. Imagine that! Many thanks!! Could not get it to work on my new iPad. See the drawing quality for the photos are amazing! But, I hate that the instructions come on each time you open the app. So maybe if they could update it where just the first time you get the app it shows the instructions. App Store Preview.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Minor bug fixes. Keyword improvements. Bug fixes. Fixed bug with textures on iPhone 4s. Fixes critical crash bug for versions of iOS less than 6.

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Added iPhone 5 support. Fixes image loading crasher bug on old devices. PhotoSketcher is a delightful app to effortlessly turn your digital photo into an artistic pencil sketch. Just drag and drop your photo on to PhotoSketcher window and be amazed by the magical result. Key features: Or show both in a split view. Sample images courtesy of: As someone who has been around BC before computers , I know exactly how much work it takes to get this effect.

Even when developers started making screen overlays, etc, it was a tremendous amount of work. Now… it just works perfectly in seconds. It is quite charming and creates lovely effects. This one, I already love. Or, you could always try cropping the watermark out using an app such as Snapseed. The ability to share your artwork creations straight from the app is a useful feature. These include Instagram, Facebook, Messages and Mail. The Clip2Comic app includes a live preview camera mode. You can use this mode to shoot photos or videos with a cartoon filter applied. When you open the app, it opens in photo editing mode.

But if you tap Photo or Video at the bottom of the screen, the live preview camera will open. Swipe across the screen in camera mode to select a different drawing filter. It comes with 10 drawing filters and some basic editing tools. Enlight Photofox packs a whole range of creative photo editing tools into this sophisticated app. With Photofox you can unleash the artist within you! You can also create double-exposure images and surreal iPhone art.

Or use the drawing, typing and doodling tools to add extra elements to your photos. Photofox also has a wide range of photo editing tools. So you can edit your photos and turn them into stunning artistic creations… all within a single app. With so much on offer, you might find the app a bit overwhelming to start with.

But you only need the Sketch tool to turn photos into drawings.

How to Convert Raster Image into Vector in Photoshop

At the bottom of the screen are five icons. Tap the icon on the far bottom right to open the Artistic tools. Make sure your photo is active by tapping on it, then select the Sketch tool. Choose one of the seven different sketch presets at the bottom of the screen to turn your photo into a drawing.

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Use the purple slider to control the opacity of the preset filter. Dragging the slider left reduces the intensity of your chosen sketch preset. Below are three different versions of my poppy image. On the left is the original photo. This creates a subtler drawing effect and keeps some color in the image. To customize the sketch effect, tap Tools at the bottom of the screen.

Publisher's Description

The Eraser option at the bottom right lets you erase the sketch effect from part of your image. Try using the Layers tool to blend two or more images into a stunning double-exposure. In the photo below, I added in a second poppy shot. You can edit each layer using the sketch presets.

Another creative option to try is the Glitch tool.

Apps That Turn Photos Into Drawings: 6 Best iPhone Photo Sketch Apps

The Glitch tool creates unique drawing effects that add an abstract quality to your pictures. The free version includes a wide range of tools to turn a photo into a sketch. This will also unlock some other photo editing tools. The Prisma app lets you transform your photos into works of art using a huge range of artistic styles. This includes a range of sketch and drawing styles, as well as painterly effects.

The filter styles appear within collections. Filters in the Misc Collection and Prisma Classic collection are available for free. Premium filters have a padlock icon on them. Tapping the padlock takes you to the screen where you can pay for the subscription service. The Prisma app is easy to navigate, allowing you to turn a photos into a drawing in a logical way.


When you first open Prisma, the in-app camera appears. To open a photo from your library, tap Gallery. Open a photo, then tap one of the art styles at the bottom of the screen to create your drawing. Below is the original photo left , and edited version using the Mononoke style right. You can reduce the filter intensity by changing the opacity. Swipe left across the screen to allow more and more of your original photo to show through. This allows you to create a more subtle finish.

11 Best Apps to Turn Photos Into Sketches

This shows how you can create different looks by changing the opacity of the filter. You can also make other subtle adjustments to your sketch photo using the editing tools. SD stands for Standard Definition.