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Here are some more short tips on how to make Google Chrome faster: If you noticed that your Mozilla Firefox browser, which previously did not cause any complaints, suddenly began to perform slowly, or worse, if Firefox is not responding at all, then read on to find the solution. The reasons why Firefox is slow on Mac are mostly the same as we described above: We have shared the top reasons why your Mac browser can become slow and how to speed it up. We hope that at least one of all the solutions mentioned above will help you to make your browser work more effectively.

If you still have any questions, then leave a comment below. We will be happy to assist you. You are here: Why is my Mac browser so slow? How do I solve the issue when Safari is running slow on Mac? How do I speed up Chrome?

1. Chrome Drains Your MacBook Battery

Why is Firefox so slow and what can be done? Plugins By default, when you install a browser, many plugins that are not needed are installed and activated as well. Java Most modern websites use Java components. Antiviruses Another reason why the Internet is slow is using an antivirus and firewall on your Mac. Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac.

Uninstall Mozilla Firefox on Mac.

Maximize Chrome performance on your Mac

Uninstall Opera on Mac. Uninstall Safari on Mac. You have a lack of free disk space on your hard drive. There are some viruses on your computer. Your disk requires being defragmented. There are too many apps running at Mac startup. Safari is performing slowly on my Mac. How to fix it? Check for software updates from Apple.

2. Your Fans Will Occasionally Sound Like Jet Engines

In Safari Preferences, choose to open tabs not with the Top Sites but a blank page. Clean the entire history cache, cookies, … or do a Safari reset. Try to update Adobe Flash Player to the latest version or d isable Flash. If you need to enable Flash, you can install a special extension for Safari, which allows you to watch the necessary video from Adobe Flash.

How to fix the issue of Chrome Running Slow On Mac?

Clean up unnecessary Internet Plugins. The plugins are located in the Library folder. Some plugins can slow down Safari, especially the old ones which are not supported and do not work correctly with the latest version of the browser. Slow browser performance and freezing can occur because of the additionally installed applications, for example, 1Password. Set up the browser history to be saved no more than necessary. Some users save history no more than a week.

Re-login to iCloud. It seems to be a waste of time, however, it can positively affect the applications if they use the service of cloud storage. For example, Safari stores your saved logins and passwords in iCloud, so that they become available on all your gadgets. Wait for the synchronization of all your data and check to see if the browser problems still exist.

Try to create a new Mac user profile and check how Safari works. How can I speed up Chrome? Check the memory usage of extensions. Here you can see a list of extensions or tabs and the memory usage of each of them. Some extensions may work incorrectly and use a significant amount of RAM.

Add an advertisement blocking extension. Today, there are many advertising sites which show many banners. These banners are big and mostly are animated. If there are many banners on a web page, they can significantly slow down your browser. To speed up Chrome, you can try to disable advertising. To do this, use a special AdBlock extension. It allows you to block almost all ads on websites and work without distraction. You can add a part of the sites to the whitelist, which will display all advertising and non-advertising banners.

Clear browser data.

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Delete the unwanted start page in the shortcut properties. For this, go to the Chrome Preferences. Update the software to the latest version. All software pre-installed on your Mac, including the Chrome browser, should be up-to-date. Automatically checking for new updates works with a fairly long delay, so we recommend checking them manually. How to speed up the Firefox browser If you noticed that your Mozilla Firefox browser, which previously did not cause any complaints, suddenly began to perform slowly, or worse, if Firefox is not responding at all, then read on to find the solution.

Safe mode.

How To Make Google Chrome Faster 200% - Chrome Tutorial 2017

If Firefox works slowly, you need to disable all extensions. It is possible to increase the performance in many ways mentioned above and below — the user just has to decide which method of speeding up Chrome suits him best. Solution 1: Restart Google Chrome. There are two things a Mac owner can do to restart the browser. Solution 2: Update your browser. The updates are released quite often, so you may have no idea they are available. To find out whether any updates are on the market: There you can check for the recent version. In the case at least one update is available, the system will automatically download and set up it.

Solution 3: Come up with a new Chrome User Profile. By developing another Chrome user profile, you obtain a chance to overcome the problems of the corrupted previous profile. Begin with shutting down the browser. Solution 4: Mind the permissions. In many cases, that is the basic thing that provokes the crash of Google Chrome. Solution 5: Reinstall Google Chrome. It is a measure of last resort — try the rest of the tips first. Stick to the instructions below:.

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The best way to keep various types of the cache from piling up is running regular disk cleanups. If you wish, you may schedule regular cleaning operations with the selected cleaner — this way, the junk will not have a chance.

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Toggle Navigation. Google Chrome Running Slow on Mac? Keep Calm and Fix It. Reasons Why Chrome Freezes on Mac: A similar case is an outdated version of operating system. Without proper updates, neither your Mac nor Google Chrome will function properly.

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  4. Those users who have any doubts regarding the version of Chrome installed on their Apple computers may check it by entering chrome: The first line will reveal the specific Chrome version number. Another cause of the fail might be YouTube and some other video-related platforms. If Chrome crashes only when you attempt to watch a video online, that is the clue. A user will lose the entire information he did not manage to save before the crash and reboot.

    Experts recommend pressing the Save button in the opened documents to prevent them from being erased after the crash. Google Chrome gets bigger and bloated with every new update. The result is the severe performance issues caused by the great share of CPU the browser requires to operate. Various junk files stored in the browser e. That is a solution already, so it is time to move to the easy and more complicated ways to make Chrome lightning fast on Mac.