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The conversion itself was handled by Westlake Interactive. It features single-player and multiplayer capabilities, enabling you to go head-to-head with friends on LANs, AppleTalk networks, or the Internet.

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Multiplayer games include tag mode, trick attack and graffiti. In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, you can take the persona and skills of some of the world's most well-known skateboarding pros, including personalities like Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist. You can also create your own customized skater if you prefer. You tour a variety of fantastic skate parks as you master trick combos.

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Skateboard Party 2 brings all the fun of skateboarding to your mobile device allowing you to ride in 8 completely unique locations. Jump on your board, learn new moves and improve your skateboarding skills to land sick combos.

Play with your friends using the new online multiplayer mode or challenge skaters from all over the world using the online leaderboards. Complete achievements, gain experience and upgrade your favorite skater. You can also customize your outfits, boards, trucks and wheels with real brands.

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Follow the tutorial to get started and progress as you go. Execute the craziest combos and trick sequences to rack up some impressive high scores, gain experience and make a name for yourself. Use the right or left handed control mode, select a control preset or create your own.

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Use the analog stick or accelerometer option as you wish. Adjust your truck tightness to change your steering sensitivity. You can adjust everything! Fixed a bug that prevented some users from earning their free EXP.

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THUG2 hangs on to the great gameplay of the previous games, makes a few minor tweaks, and wraps it all up in a new Bam Margera-centric package. If you're finished with Tony Hawk, and you're hungry for another challenge, Thrasher: Skate and Destroy is the meal you're looking for.

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground lets your create your own skater, and manage their character, story and style from start to finish. Hypergrind is an engaging, if simplistic, skateboarding experience with some legitimately amusing gags and great presentational aspects. Anyone who is looking for a nice, solid freestyle sports game for the Xbox and who isn't looking for a graphical showpiece for his or her new system won't be Its simple gameplay, clean controls, and arcade atmosphere make it a solid, fun title. You can skate or BMX through a new story mode that takes you Skate 2 returns featuring double the tricks, improved skate.

Reel, and deeper create-a-skater. Skate 3 features a brand new co-op mode and editing tools for gamers to create their own skateparks.