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The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet. Fixed form issue caused by renaming the default form fields that caused conflicts. Fixed invoice report PDF and backend reports amount issues when final amount digits were greater than 4. Enhancements 1. On the final checkout page we made the continue button inactive after it is clicked so it can only be clicked once in order to prevent people with slow connections from clicking it multiple times and causing multiple duplicate registrations.

Fixed registration form required field issue for conditional fields. Fixed additional tickets discount issue. Fixed incorrect amount sent to Paypal issue. Fixed incorrect amount paid column in the back-end registrant list. Fixed All report issues Event and Excel for incorrect amounts paid.

Fixed statistics reports like Print and Excel reports from back-end for selected date range. Fixed ticket sold count issue at back-end for addional items. Fixed a search filter issue of event list page at back-end. Fixed "pending registration email link" that was not working properly. Fixed showing blank page after registration of free events.

Fixed issue of Joomla user creation when registering multiple registrants to an event that sent only initial registrant login details to all registrants. Fixed an issue with multiple registrations at one time not recording all registrant entries in the registrant list. Fixed a bug if a payment was cancelled at the Paypal payment screen the event list still showed those tickets as being sold. New Features 1. We have added a new event slider module.

This new module displays your upcoming events in a horizontal scrolling display. This new module can be downloaded from the downloads section from the modules folder. Solved a bug on some browsers that did not allow an early bird discount to be edited. Form ID fields will no longer accept special characters to prevent database errors when checking out. Fixed an issue with the tickets sold count that is displayed in the event manager list. Fixed a bug where the Pending registrants were triggering confirmation emails to be sent when they shouldn't have been.

Fixed a bug with the Braintree payment plugin that was causing a error. This updated version can be downloaded from the downloads section in the plugins folder. Fixed an issue with reports not reporting accurate information when transaction fees and discounts were used for multiple registrations in a single checkout. Now all discount amounts for multiple registrations in one checkout will have discount amounts distributed equally between all registrants.

This is the most accurate method of having the reports show the proper amounts paid per registrant. Fixed an issue with dashboard statistics not showing accurate information. Fixed an issue with conditional form fields when multiple forms were displayed the conditional fields conflicted with other forms.

Fixed an issue with conditional fields that if a field was set to be mandatory it would not be required if it is hidden based on the conditional form fields. Updated the "Day" view to use the newly formatted event list view that looks much nicer. This view was previously using an old table layout that was never updated.

Now when you click on a date in the mini calendar you will see the events for a specific date are in a much nicer format just like the event list view. Removed the preview of the short description text for events in the event manager list. When the short description text was formatted with bad HTML which lots of our users do it caused the event manager list to have miss aligned columns and sometimes break the event manager list entirely.

Solved "repeated Mail content when multiple registrations for an single event" issue in Admin,Organizer and Registrant mails. Fixed a bug related to the "All Categories" header button not keeping the proper view when changing the setting for the "All Events" button in the main settings.

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Added another filter for the event Manager list in the admin side. Added text editor to the session description field so now HTML content can be used instead of plain text. When adding sessions the new records go to the bottom of the list instead of the top of the list which will require less reordering of sessions in the list.

Fixed an issue with the terms and conditions popup where there was not a way to close the popup if it had lots of content in it on smaller screens. Fixed a bug that affected the applying of discounts to the entire cart. Fixed a bug where the "No tickets available message" was showing even if registration was disabled for an event. Event Maps Module was updated to version 4. Fixed a calculation issue for transaction fees for wrong decimal place. Solved an issue that displayed wrong location on the reports.

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Solved issue when registering multiple registrants at once and using a coupon code, the discount was not applied properly in the reports. Added a new setting that displays a message on the event details page if registration for the event is disabled. Added a Frontend notification if not tickets are no longer available RE: This message will show only when all tickets for the event are no longer available.

Enhanced the mobile responsiveness of the checkout pages. Fixed an issue where expired tickets were not showing a notifications that there was an expiration. Fixed a discount code calculation issue. Fixed a bug related to the event registration amount 4.

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Fixed an issue with discounts not displaying correctly in the event reports. Fixed an issue with reports not displaying all information submitted in the registration forms. Fixed an issue with Excel reports not showing data properly. Fixed an issue with email templates not showing all form data that was submitted.

Fixed an issue on the event report for file upload hyperlinks that were not working. Fixed an issue with event tickets not expiring on the expiration dates. Fixed issue that was not displaying the location of the event on the PDF invoice. Fixed and optimized code that was not allowing the dashboard to load on websites with more than active events.

Fixed Event category accordion conflict issue for frontend that caused categories to not collapse. Fixed Event details page css that was cutting off sidebar content on some templates. Fixed a problem with early bird discount calculations if a coupon code was used. Fixed an issue with coupon codes when used were not showing on the event reports.

Update to the Google maps API. Fixed an issue with tax not being sent to Paypal in some cases. We have addressed an SQL injection vulnerability that affects Joomla 3 versions starting from 3. Fixed an issue with the date picker script that was causing issues in the admin when creating an event.

Fixed an issue where the latest 10 transactions table on the dashboard showed an incorect amount paid if a negative fee field was applied to the cart checkout. Fixed an issue with emails not being sent when an event did not have a physical location and the URL tags are being used in the email templates. Fixed a CSS issue that affects some servers from displaying the print event details screen.

Updated the search results view to show results in a standard list view rather than the accordion category view. Updated the search parameter URL for manually linking to a search result. Fixed a bug where if an event was set to only be available to registered users the event was shown on the calendar view to the public.

Fixed a small bug where the organizer's email link was not a mailto parameter. Stripe Payment Plugin v4.

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Mobile devices no longer get redirected to Stripe's website for mobile payments. Now all mobile payments are done on site. Form design adjustments and button styling updates. Now when you move a registrant from one event to another, the event select dropdown list will also include the start date next to the event name.

This will help better identfy events when they have the same or similar names. Fixed issue when selecting addon ticket items it would not recognize ticket selections properly if there were multiple ticket choices. Fixed an issue where coupon codes used are not added to the database therfore the reports could not show which discount code was used. Fixed a DateTime contructor error that showed up on the dashboard on some servers.

This new field will add a percentage amount that you set of the total cart price. This new setting is in the General tab of the main component settings screen. Transaction Fees - Similar to the Processing Fee field this allows you to add an amount you wish to charge per transaction that is made. Unlike the Processing Fee field that charges a percentage of the cart total, the Transaction Fee field is used for a flat amount that will get charged for every checkout. Global Cart Discounts - Previously all discount codes applied the discount to each ticket in the cart.

Now you can set a configuration setting to only have your discount codes applied to the final cart total amount instead of each ticket. Front end event creation area and forms have been updated and improved. Updated checkout workflow for manually adding registrants via the admin side. Fixed a negative tax issues when coupon code is entered. Fixed a bug where the reports were not generating if the event did not have a physical location.

Fixed a bug for coupon code usage not being registered to the reports. Mini Calendar Module was updated separate download. The tooltip when hovering over the date was not displaying events properly. Upcoming Events module is updated with a brand new design and features separate download. Now it has a calendar icon and you can select which categories to show events from which makes it much more flexible.

Fixed custom email template issues where emails were not being sent properly for custom email templates. Fixed all issues with the admin cart checkout process when manually adding registrants from the admin side. Fixed checkout coupon code discount issue where a negative tax amount would show for large amount ticket items. Fixed language string issues with adding new menu items to some Reg Pro views. Fixed an admin location label css issue. Fixed a responsive issue with the event countdown timer. Enhancement - Added a configuration setting to disable Boostrap 3 from loading if the website template already supports Bootstrap 3 to minimize template CSS conflicts.

Enhancement - Added a cart transaction ID to the Excel reports to more easily identify multiple event registrations that were paid for all at one time. Now each cart checkout will have a unique ID number assigned to it and all registrations paid for at once will be assigned the same transaction ID number.

Enhancement - Added the payment method used to the Excel reports to better identify which payment gateway was used. This is good for those using multiple payment options needing to reconcile each account. In Admin Fixed missing "add registrant" icon in event manager. Fixed frontend event details page location maps weren't showing for some addresses.

Fixed a responsive issue for event details page. Fixed all categories button link sql error. Fixed export events data and event statistics export issue for special characters. Fixed issue with private event registration access not working properly. Fixed a display issue with event details page when the event registration is set to private access.

Fixed a depricated PHP7 issue with the event category view. Fixed a missing check so a registrant cannot add an add on item to the cart is an event ticket is not also added to the cart. Fixed issue where event banner still displayed after deleting it. Fixed an installation issue with PHP7 on some servers. Fixed a CSS issue with the alignment of the description text in some templates.

Added a setting to hide the social sharing icons from the right sidebar of the event details page.

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Fixed a PHP 7 compatibility issue for the configuration settings view. Event details view had responsive issues that when in mobile view that caused only the event title to be displayed. Fixed an issue where if the event details view did not have much text, the Reg Pro footer overlapped the social sharing block. The category colors could not be updated and saved on sites upgraded from previous versions of Reg Pro 3 which required some updates to the database.

The add to calendar button script on the event details view was updated to a more open source license friendly script as the previous one has become commercially licensed since it was first implemented many years ago. Fixed an issue that the new default email templates were not created upon installation in the beta 1 version.

Are you ready to read our biggest changelog ever? Bootstrap 3 Updates - Event Registration Pro has supported Bootstrap v2 for many years but we felt it was time to get the CSS framework updated and fully integrated with Bootstrap 3. So now all the front end views are even more responsive, no more old table layouts, and a much faster css code base. Font Awesome Integration - Event Registration Pro now comes with Font Awesome fully integrated so if your Joomla template does not support Font Awesome, no problem, we have you covered.

Multilingual Support - Now events and categories can be assigned to languages which means those items will only be displayed when those specific languages are selected. So the code for some of the areas was a bit neglected over time. We have gone through most of the code of the component and organized it, properly commented it, and rewritten a lot of it. We have also created a series of getting started videos to make it easy for our users to get going quickly. We will no longer support PHP 5. We have consolidated some of the previous information that was displayed in tables and moved it to the colored blocks.

We have also expanded the information displayed in the tables below these blocks to better view what is happening with your events. The dashboard is much more responsive and mobile friendly than it was before. Dashboard elements rearranged and redesigned to be more intuitive. Dashboard chart is now responsive. Dashboard chart now correctly calculates the discounted ticket amount paid instead of the full price. Last 10 Transactions table has been updated with new columns and data.

Next 10 Upcoming Events table has been updated with new columns and data and links. Main Settings - Since we have a lot of new features we also added a lot of new settings in the main component configurations. We updated a lot of small things like more updated color pickers, date and time selectors, etc. Some of our customers had asked for a more flexible email system and we have listened. We still have all the standard email types that we did before. However now you can create multiple versions of these email templates. And then you can select which emails to use for each event.

By default, the events will use the default email templates. But if you choose not to use the default one and select an alternative one.

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For example, if you have a generic default template for your event reminders that all your events use. And then you create an event that needs a very unique reminder email or a unique registrant confirmation email, now you can create one and select it to be used by that event. Category Updates - Categories can now have descriptions shown on the front end and also a category image. Keep reading for more information on the new category views we have added for the front end. Category images can be used,,,, or not.

Category descriptions now show up on the front end. Registration Forms - The old ugly tooltip info icons on the front end of the form are gone and replaced with Font Awesome icons. The old ugly arrow icon that was the field group separator is now gone. Venue phone number field has been added. Google maps preview has been added. Event Organizers - There is a new admin view for adding event organizer information. These organizers can be selected when creating an event and this information will be displayed in the new sidebar on the event details page.

You can use this to display the company information that is hosting the event or use it for displaying information about the presenter, speaker, trainer of the event. Event Manager - We added some small enhancements to the event list in the admin such as the ability to filter events by category. We also updated some icons and the search bar so things are more intuitive and work better. Some other subtle changes to the user interface we made to make the page easier on the eyes and have a more modern feel. Event Edit Screen - Users of previous version will notice a more pleasant event creation experience in version 4.

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