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Move the printer and router closer together: Move the printer and the computer closer to your wireless router, but no closer than 6 ft 1. Wireless signals can be weaker at greater distances between the printer and the router. Restart the router: If you are experiencing a slow or intermittent wireless connection, try restarting your router. Consult your router manufacturer, Internet service provider, or network administrator for instructions on how to restart the router.

Check your firewall software: Your firewall software might prevent the printer from accessing the computer. Accept or allow any firewall messages that display during the printer software download and installation, or configure the software to allow HP downloads and installations.

Check for obstructions between the printer and the router: Remove any metal objects between the printer, the computer, and the access point router. Objects such as refrigerators or metal bookcases can interfere with wireless signals.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues in Mac OS X El Capitan

Check for other devices that emit radio and wireless signals: Move any device that emits radio signals, such as microwaves and cordless telephones, farther away from the printer. Such devices can interfere with wireless signals. Set the IP address on the printer: Use the front panel menu to enter an IP address that is valid for use on your local area network. Check Bonjour compatibility on the router: Make sure that your router is compatible with Bonjour, a networking technology developed by Apple.

Check the specifications or support documentation for your router, or contact the router manufacturer for more information.

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Check the router band setting: Many routers can operate in both 2. Make sure the 2.

If the router broadcasts separate network names SSIDs for each band, connect the printer to the 2. What if a 'Software currently unavailable for this device' message displays? If a message displays that the printer software is not available, try these recommendations and procedures to troubleshoot the issue. Make sure the Mac has a connection to the Internet: Without an Internet connection, Apple Software Update cannot locate the latest print driver. Make sure your printer has a driver available: If your printer is supported but the driver failed to install , you can manually download the driver from Apple.

Drivers for your printer might not release immediately after a new version of OS X releases to the public: The amount of time for a driver to release can vary. Try the steps in this document again periodically to check if the driver released. What if the Mac is unable to locate my printer during the installation? The installer software cannot set up the printer if it is not available on the network, or if there is a problem with your local network.

What if an error displays when installing an earlier version of my printer software?

How To fix Wifi Driver in Mac OS High Sierra -- 2018

HP Installer can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. To resolve these messages , install the Apple Software Update driver.

Wireless Driver free download for Mac | MacUpdate

What if the HP Installer recommends to send the wireless settings to my printer? If you install your driver within one to two hours after you first set up the printer, you might see a Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer recommended option during the installation. HP Auto Wireless Connect automatically connects your printer to your wireless network without cables or entering network name and password settings.

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Many HP printers use this method to connect, depending on your computer and network environment. User Application Requirement Updated This Article Applies to: Then please follow the steps below: Please double click on the driver and extract it, then open the folder and run the pkg install file; 2.

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