How to turn a video sideways on mac

How to Rotate Video on Your iPhone or Mac

It is an Apple supported video editor. If you just want to do basic video editing on iPhone, it is a useful and effective tool for you to have a try.

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Here are the steps to know how to rotate iPhone videos on iPhone with iMovie. Step 1: Open iMovie first.

Rotate a video clip or photo

Then import the video you want to rotate. Twist video image to the right or left in the viewer. Step 2: After you are satisfied with the orientation, you can export it. So esay, right? However, it doesn't come with all kinds of iPhones for free. If you are an iPhone 4,4s,5 user, you have to pay for iMovie and I would not recommend.

Here are the steps to rotate iPhone videos on iPhone. Besides iMvoie, you can search more tools to rotate video from App store. The two following free tools are recommended. After downloading from app store, you can run the app from the iPhone and then you can follow the app screen wizard to rotate video easily.

If you are a Mac computer user, you can import your iPhone video and then rotate video in iMovie easily. Check the steps below to know how to rotate iPhone video on Mac for free. Click 'crop' menu to open the crop window, you will find the rotate icon above.

How to rotate a video on your Mac

App Tips Troubleshooting Tips. There are a few apps in the App Store that give you the option to rotate videos you took in the wrong orientation. This particular app also has an action extension so you can quickly rotate videos right inside the Photos app, making it even more convenient. There are a few options in Rotate Video and Flip beyond simply rotating videos. Video Rotate and Flip supports action extensions for iPhone and iPad as well. That means you can activate the extension inside the Photos app and rotate video directly from there too. To use the action extension, just follow these steps:.

Rotate & Save a Video using VLC Media Player

Rotate Video and Flip is also useful for turning around backwards text and front facing camera videos. Just choose the flip horizontal or vertical options to completely flip the video in any direction. Click the Cropping button. It is the only square-shaped icon. Click either the Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counterclockwise button as many times as desired. Click the Apply button. To use Rotate and Flip to rotate a video using your iPhone or, flip a video on iPhone: Open the app and click the icon that looks like a movie camera. Click Video. Click the video to rotate and then click Select.

Click the degree icon as many times as necessary to rotate the video to the desired position.

No more sideways movies!

The other two let you flip the video. Click Save. To use Video Crop to rotate a video using your iPhone: Open the app and click the video to rotate.