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Complete with an intuitive graphical user interface, it facilitates manual alignment of lines, has the word wrap feature and merges version control history automatically. And it should be noted that this is an open source software. Taking our roundup of applications similar to WinMerge further is xxdiff, a graphical file and directories comparator that lets you merge documents. The program can be utilized for the purpose of comparing either two files, three files or two directories and offers horizontal highlighting for the differences. It also helps you with the task of performing merge reviews and can collaborate with external diff software for computing differences.

Up next is DiffMerge, a program that claims to be loaded with tools that make it all the more easy for you to compare, merge and sync your files. It highlights all your differences in various shades and comes up with a report in HTML. You can simply drag and drop files or folders and customize the colors and fonts according to your preferences. Its comparison methods for files include last modified time and date, size, attributes, versions, CRC and more.

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You can even compare the contents byte-by-byte or by text. It boasts of fully customizable file extension filters and lets you ignore differences that you think are not important. Like all the other applications mentioned here, it too features syntax highlighting. You can choose between the standard and professional versions of Araxis Merge based on whether you want two-way comparison and merging or three-way.

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Features that are found in both of its versions include syntax highlighting, binary and image file comparison, point-and-click editing, word wrap, automatic merging and many more. Trial editions of the software are available for download through the official website. And the last utility that has managed to make it to our list is ExamDiff Pro, a powerful and intuitive visual file and directory comparison tool meant for the Windows environment.

According to the developers of this program, it has a more efficient and user-friendly approach of comparing files and folders.

Comparison of file comparison tools

It goes without saying that you can compare text and binary files as well as directories. This has support for three-way diff and merge and it points out differences between lines, words or even characters. Essential features like syntax highlighting and word wrapping have also been thrown into the mix. So these are just some of the multiple efficient WinMerge alternatives available for comparing and merging text files. You can head over to the official websites of each of the programs to compare their features and decide which one suits your needs the best.

And when you have made up your mind, do get back to us and drop in a line to let us know about your opinions regarding them. Home Alternatives 7 WinMerge Alternatives.

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    Diff Tools on macOS

    First click on the Mission Control app. Easy to do, yet hard to find. Remote access to your Mac There are so many ways to remotely access your Mac that it is hard to select which is best. Accessing the function keys while in a remote desktop to a Microsoft Windows XP machine for example , use fn-function key. Fn is typically found below the f13 key on a keyboard with numeric keypad.

    The clock is off by a couple of hours every time you reboot. This is because each time you adjust the time, Mac OS X does not change the system clock. If you use Bootcamp, Windows does change the system clock. To get the time correctly on your Mac, you need to try a couple of time zones until you find the one that fits your system clock.

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    • Want to minimize all windows in order to see the desktop? Windows remote desktop applications You can try this open source software: It is free and OpenSource. It is free. Disk space usage Want to know which files take the most space on your disk or directory? Want to know which files or folders take the most space on your disk? Something like WinDirStat?

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